Deep in snow!

These last two days have seen a lot of weather and has ended with a nice sunny reprieve.  Enjoy the tour around the ranch as we trudge through a record 3 feet of snow to capture the magic. 

And don’t miss the special homage to last year’s Paca Pride You Tube video clip: "Scary Llama – Scary Snow!" This year the llamas were much better prepared for the snow drift in their paddock.

12-31-07 Sunny snow tour with 3 feet of snow at the ranch 009

Here are the links to the two videos:

This year’s video response – "Scary snow – Calm Llama"

Last year’s original video – "Scary Llama – Scary Snow"


12-31-07 Sunny snow tour with 3 feet of snow at the ranch 021

About David

Making manifest the change I want to see in the world through the hospitality of a humble little homestead campground with yurts and alpacas.
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4 Responses to Deep in snow!

  1. Zeynep says:

    Wow, what a snow, lol… Thanks for stopping by and comment. You have a nice space here. Please be my explore friend. Happy new year, cheers, Zeynep xx

  2. swamp says:

    Morning. Thought I\’d splash by, and………woa! Three foot of snow!! Not had any here yet, and not sure I\’d want as much as you have there  lol  The llamas seem happy enough tho\’.
    Take care, and enjoy the rest of the day  🙂

  3. Donna says:

    The snow looks so beautiful up on the majestic mountain in the backdrop. What made you decide to trade city life in for llama life, LOL?

  4. Barb says:

    That\’s a lot of snow all at once!  Love the scenery though with the mountains as a backdrop.  Breathtaking.
    I had to laugh at your \’what\’s a bo red barb?\’  I did the same thing with the word pincherry tree just a few days ago and said "what\’s a pinch erry?"  Glad I\’m not the only one who sees things a little more…um…differently! 🙂   Thanks for dropping by.  I\’m going to wander through your Space for a bit and get to know you.

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