Manifesting our Reality

This week saw an interesting leap forward in the development of our project.  We met with the county regarding our rezone and permit process to get it kicked into action.  I walked in with one set of assumptions, remaining flexible, and came out with a whole other set of assumptions.  The ball is definitely rolling as the county takes a closer look at our proposal for our guest ranch/campground.  We are in what they refer to as the "pre-application planning phase".  This phase will proceed until February 27th upon which I shall receive an intense debriefing of all the relevant issues we will need to address in order to function as a full fledged business operation open to the public.  We want to proceed correctly on all fronts and it has been quite the challenge trying to navigate these waters as we are doing something completely out in left field when it comes to offering these unique structures: yurts.  So, now the county will try to wrap their heads around this and all the experts there will apply their knowledge. 

As daunting as this feels, I take a big Zen-like step back and remind myself that this is a good thing.  I mean there is a reason there are codes and regulations in place and that is not only to protect the public, but also to protect the business owner as well.  I await, anxiously, the results. 

Whenever I do feel overwhelmed, feeling swept up by a river of momentum that I may have started but can’t control, I try just to release into it.  Typically instead of letting frustration take over leading to a fight response and guiding my actions, I try to observe and listen.  Usually there is a message that I’m missing.  By humbling myself I can remain open to all the help and assistance that is available to me.  With my meeting at the county, that really happened.  The women that I met with bent over backwards to assist me and shepherd me through.  Lesson learned: Frustration means you need to adjust and remain open; help is there for the asking.   It turns out I wasn’t the only one experiencing a very odd and overwhelming day.  Both Tim and Glenn had some stories to share about their days as well.  Hmmmm…some cosmic forces at play out there?

Well, since I’m a firm believer that there are energies at play in our lives which we may not be able to detect, I took a look at what the cosmic weather is like currently.  Mercury will also go retrograde during the time the county is looking at our project at that is good.  Mercury Retrograde periods are times of review and reflection; hidden issues and challenges bubble to the surface to be addressed now instead of being a surprise later on, the entire point of what this pre-application process is about. But what really caught my eye was the planetary transition of Venus and Neptune.  They were sextile to one another  yesterday and in astrology that has some observations associated with it. It can be summed up as "a creative flourish which brings opportunity and cooperation to turn dreams into reality".  So it looks like I was privy to quite a bit of that. 

We all have the power to manifest our own realities.  We just have to remain attuned to the earth-plane sandbox which we are being allowed to play in along with all the forces that operate within it, and all the other children too.  I’ve chosen to flow with the cosmic forces around me and strive to remain attuned to the symbolism historically represented by them.  It may sound a bit esoteric, but at a minimum, it pulls me outside of my own personal saga to become an observer to it; very similar to the Buddhist notion of detachment. 

So, again, I remind myself, we are tackling a HUGE undertaking here.  It is starting to have a life of its own and I have my hand in creating it.  It will be what it will be, and that may be different from the initial vision we had on paper, but we’ve put the solid intention out into the universe and are now starting to see our intentions become manifest.  

About David

Making manifest the change I want to see in the world through the hospitality of a humble little homestead campground with yurts and alpacas.
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4 Responses to Manifesting our Reality

  1. Zeynep says:

    I noted your words about frustration. So true… Some cosmic forces, lol, maybe. But I am afraid I don\’t know anything about astrology. But I like the following words about it. Interesting. I have to say that I couldn\’t read this post easily. So many English words that I didn\’t know. I wish I could read this nice entry without a dictionary. Lazy me!.. Enjoy your days, Zeynep xxx

  2. Kuskulana says:

    What a wonderful project you guys have, fueled by your visions and guided by cool head temperments.
    You definitely have the right attitude in dealing with regulatory and permitting agencies.
    Many big projects are stalled or embroiled in uneeded difficulties because the owners/engineers are unwilling to simply listen to the people who\’s charge it is to permit projects for the public good.
    I wish you the best success in your very worthy endeavors.
    Let me know if you could use any help from an Engineer and Project Manager of large projects, who has over 30 years experience. I am not looking for work, but do have some time to consult. My resume is available on request.
    Again best wishes in bringing your visions to fruition!

  3. swamp says:

    Morning. Things moving along well by the sound of it. I\’m sure everything will fall into place, and opening day will arrive before you know it. I wish you all the best in this \’project\’; the hard work you all have put into it, you certainly deserve it.
    Take care, and enjoy the weekend  🙂

  4. Zeynep says:

    Hi… Thanks for stopping by. I am sharring some of my daily life sometimes. On the other hand, I have a cathegory about it. (Zeynep Ankara\’s Daily). So you are three people there: xxx

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