Caucus in Washington!

02-09-08 Snohomish County democrats caucus including Robe 005 Yesterday was our first experience attending a caucus outside the actual city of Seattle.  I was really curious to see how turnout would compare to my experience four years ago in the city.  Boy, was I ever amazed at the droves of people lined up to check in at the caucus location!  It was amazing! Fellow Democrats from all over the county of Snohomish gathered here in Marysville at the School District building.  Lines were out the door and wrapped way out back to the street.  The organizers here made mention that the last caucus brought an average of 19 people out per precinct, and that this caucus easily tripled that showing. 02-09-08 Snohomish County democrats caucus including Robe 006 Our own itsy bitsy precinct of "Robe" (as in the Robe Canyon and Robe Valley) had 14 people show up compared to the 1 or 2 from the last caucus according to a local neighbor of ours who was there last time.  Obama was easily taking this caucus with a two to one margin of people.  Out of the 14 in our precinct, 3 were for Clinton and 11 were for Obama. 

I’ve uploaded a photo album from yesterday’s events and even a You Tube video 02-09-08 Snohomish County democrats caucus including Robe 007 clip showing the caucus leader explaining to the crowd the difference in Washington of having the primary ballot versus holding this caucus.   As most of us already know, the primary ballot in Washington was a waste of taxpayer dollars and will only serve a basically a beauty contest among the candidates since it is the caucus results that the Democrats will use to determine our state’s delegates. 

This was democracy in action and I’m so glad we were able to take part!

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3 Responses to Caucus in Washington!

  1. Ron says:

    This was a very interesting read.  I love politics at the grass roots level. 

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