Taking what the wind blows our way

03-06-08 Starting to clear the logging road from the front 002 Definitely feeling it…It’s that Springtime feeling creeping up into the mountains, cherry trees in the lower elevations are pink pompoms, my spring bulbs are peeking out of the dirt, and lots of stuff being planted in the ground here at the ranch.

03-05-08 Sun on snowy Green Mtn. 001 It’s been all outdoors as we received all the plants from the Conservation District’s annual plant sale.  This is the same organization that helped us write our farm plan and plan out how to address the issues we’ll be facing raising a herd of livestock.  03-07-08 Picking up Plants fron Conservation District 012 Amanda is our representative and here I am pictured with her purchasing some additional Filbert trees for planting on the property.

The order included about 50 various kinds of X-mas trees including Noble Fir, Pacific Silver Fir, Grand Fir and Douglas Fir.  We then also had to plant another 30 sequoia trees.  03-07-08 Picking up Plants fron Conservation District 002Most of these evergreens were placed around the property where we want a windbreak to build up.  Then there are the bags of purple cone-flower and rugosa roses that serve as good erosion control in areas where we need to stabilize some slopes.  Then there are the 50 evergreen huckleberry bushes that we hope will provide us some additional berries to the collection of bushes we already have on the property.  Oh, and plenty of ground cover plants via some Salal. 

03-10-08 Garden Work 002 In the garden we’ve already situated the cold frames I painted and are starting to bring out the early germination plants that we started inside.  Beans, Romaine lettuce, Broccoli Raab (an Italian Green), celery, cauliflower, onions…let’s hope we can survive any random late season frosts with the straw mulch and cold frames.  Meanwhile, inside I’m still germinating more seeds. 

03-10-08 Garden Work 006 The llamas and alpacas have seen quite a bit of action this past week as I took the tractor and cleaned out all the winter muck and brought it to the compost bin.  I’m starting to throw down grass seed and renovate areas that are coming in thin or got overgrazed this past season. Of course this is just practice for doing the seeding and planting in the lower 4 acres that are going to be planted this Spring.  We’ve got to also fence it in and all of those fencing materials are here and staged down in the lower back acreage.  Again, the Conservation plays a key role here as they have approved funding for 50% of our project since we will be fencing the animals away from the stream that runs through the property.

The new chipper/shredder has already seen some battle action as I sought to turn all the brush and limbs I collected and cleared. The wood chips we create will be used for trails and in the garden.  It’s the best mulch around the fruit trees too. 

03-10-08 Garden Work 007 It is funny how all this outdoor work is done in close cahoots with the weather.  It changes on a whim and you have to remain flexible and adapt your plans accordingly.  So we take what the wind blows our way and when that suns comes on and shines we ditch whatever is keeping us indoors and run outside to enjoy it! (even if it means grabbing a shovel and throwing another plant in the ground.)

About David

Making manifest the change I want to see in the world through the hospitality of a humble little homestead campground with yurts and alpacas.
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2 Responses to Taking what the wind blows our way

  1. Kuskulana says:

    Well you are being very smart by befriending the Conservation District there, it sounds kind of like the Plant Science Center was in Alaska for me when I was doing all those highway projects, friendly helpful folks with great technical-local knowledge and dedication to conservation and good practise.
    I really like the ranch photos and description, and that first photo with the new snow on the mountain…cool!
    So two questions come to mind, your thoughts on your life now compared to your previous city life No. 1, and No. 2, what\’s up with your permit stuff with the County?
    I can certainly relate to taking what the wind will bring, now more than ever that is my life and I love it.

  2. Donna says:

    All that hard work is finally starting to pay off and in the summer when you can eat vegetables from your own garden, you will feel even more rewarded! Way to go guy\’s keep up the good work! Take care, lots of love always,XX

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