Cursing the Groundhog We Walk Upon!


03-30-08 Even more snow 001 Remember that little guy back on 2/2? Oh, I don’t know, something about seeing or not seeing a shadow. Well, I’m sure that bugger could never have told us THIS was coming as an end of March winter blast settled upon us.  Another foot and a half, at least, of snow fell between yesterday and this morning bringing us up to a full 3 feet of snow.

03-30-08 Even more snow 004

As you can see, the barn once again has a snow drift that reaches almost to the roof line.  It is like we are experiencing an overlapping tug of war between Winter and Spring. 



03-30-08 Even more snow in March 010 Certainly, observations lead us to believe that Spring is starting earlier and earlier each year. I wouldn’t be surprised if we start to see our 4 seasons turn into a 6 month show rather than taking a year long.



03-30-08 Even more snow in March 018  It was all about snow plowing and this was the first time to use the new tractor with the rear blade! What a piece of cake it was to go up and down the driveway and all around the house pushing the snow off the driveways! This tractor is perfect for what we need here…


03-30-08 Even more snow 010 Well, at least the coldframes in the garden are keeping those little seedlings nice and warm!  We brushed the snow off the tops of them so that the sun can shine in (it does come out in between the snowing…but, hey, why stop there? The sun has been out WHILE it was snowing up here too! I’m tellin’ ya strange things are happening in our environment today!)

SO, even though we received double the amount of snow, I still think that we’ll see a massive change in the scenery by mid next week when the temperature gets into the 50’s. 


About David

Making manifest the change I want to see in the world through the hospitality of a humble little homestead campground with yurts and alpacas.
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