The busy work of June in the rain

05-24-08 Yarding logs in the lower pasture 002 My dear blog readers, how I’ve been so remiss with my entries as of late!  But trust me, I’ve got the sore muscles to prove how hard I’ve been working and not sitting at the computer.  The long daylight hours (16+) and mild temperatures (albeit when it really rains, we look for other stuff to do) afford us the opportunity to address many projects that I’ve been staging this past winter.  Let me catch you all up on the distractions that have left my blog so underrepresented.

06-04-08 Deck for the ranch store yurt 001 First off, we have taken a giant step forward in securing all the lovely professional services the county has deemed necessary to proceed with our permit and rezoning in order for us to be in business.  The surveyors and biologist finished their field work and the pokers are in the fire.  06-04-08 Deck for the ranch store yurt 010 We should see some red hot site plans that will make the county folks drool with pleasure soon. 

In the meantime, we struggle to get at least our ranch store open for the summer.  This has meant relocating it due to the fire marshal requirements to now be located in our smaller yurt.  However, we are in the process of moving that yurt up closer to the house on a new deck that I am constructing.  06-04-08 Deck for the ranch store yurt 012 Eventually, the front lawn area will see a number of large and spacious decks to accommodate entertaining, so this is just the first of many to come. It does mean that I’ve been hammering away outside a lot!



Speaking of hammering, 06-01-08 Stairs and landing for Roundhouse Yurt 005 we also focused on starting the stairs and landings for the Roundhouse Yurt.  We at least wanted to get a set of stairs done for the main door so that we were no longer climbing up a rickety little metal ladder to get in.  At the same time I’m getting that electrical stuff done inside so we’ll also have lighting and outlets.

In the midst of all this we have a week of Tim’s family from North Dakota pay us a lovely visit…more workers!  Yeah!  Hard workers too!  What a great visit.  We got right down into the lower 05-24-08 Yarding logs in the lower pasture 003 pastures that we are renovating and yarded a bunch of logs from the perimeter edges amongst all the downed trees (firewood for these next seasons, building materials for lean-to’s).  After that we focused on putting all the fence posts for that entire 4 acre-ish area in the ground. We are ready to put the fencing up now!  But why stop there?  We took a nice sunny day to move most of our huge pile of reclaimed 05-29-08 Building railroad tie retaining walls with Tims family 002 railroad ties to the road leading down to the lower pasture and started building the retaining walls.

Whew!  So, hopefully, dear readers, you’ll excuse me for not being plugged into the virtual realm as winter so nicely allowed.  It is too easy to think that now the work for the day is done I can go do a blog entry only to be distracted by a walk through the garden area where I start picking weeds or tending my plantings.  Alas, for now clusters of photos in the photo album will have to suffice.  I hope you can piece the picture together: work, work, and more work.  🙂

05-28-08 Garden progress 001

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Making manifest the change I want to see in the world through the hospitality of a humble little homestead campground with yurts and alpacas.
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1 Response to The busy work of June in the rain

  1. Kuskulana says:

    Thanks for the update, it is clear that you are doing things you love to do, and that\’s great!
    Good to hear of your progress with the permits and the whole ranch.
    Nothing like feeling your muscles from good old outdoor work.
    Better than an aching backside from too much computer time any day!
    Take Care, see ya when we see ya

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