Moving our guest yurt-slash-ranch store

06-11-08 Moving the guest yurt to its new location 010 Well, it was finally time to address our very first structure we put up here on the land, our little 14′ yurt.  This was the yurt we had been trudging up the road for several years past to the gay campground for the summer camping seasons of yon.  It’s what establish our love of these unique tent-like domiciles.  When we were ready to start construction, I tore down the deck we had at the campground and relocated it to a spot which would serve as my onsite office and bedroom for two years.  I knew we have to relocate it on to a proper deck at some point since I just laid some plastic down and threw the deck frame on top of it.  Now is that time! 

06-11-08 Moving the guest yurt to its new location 014 We decided to move the yurt closer to the house where it will serve as our ranch store location seeing as the fire marshal had issues with us putting the store inside our house.  Ok, so we show some flexibility and problem resolved.  After building a new deck to place the yurt onto, we took down the yurt, power washed it, and moved it to its new home where it was welcomed with a nice new wood laminate floor.

My next steps are to build a wheelchair ramp, landing, and stairs to the deck.  So now that the big thrust to get the yurt up there is done, I can focus on those items.

06-11-08 Moving the guest yurt to its new location 011 Eventually, we’ll be adding a series of large decks that are attached to one another.  Some will be entertaining spaces, others will house our future amenities like the sauna made from a wood barrel, and the hot tub (also from a barrel), as well as the steam room.  We are striving for a bit of spa like escapism in this reinvention of the rustic motif.

So enjoy the new photo album, you’ll also see some pics from a couple of other items we’ve been working on…outside…where there is no laptop to blog from… waaaaaa 😦

About David

Making manifest the change I want to see in the world through the hospitality of a humble little homestead campground with yurts and alpacas.
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2 Responses to Moving our guest yurt-slash-ranch store

  1. Deborah says:

    Just a quick visit to see how you are doing.  I wasn\’t aware that you had problems with the fire marshall over the store.  Sheesh, it looked so cool.  Sort of like me and MSN threatening to shut me down if I didn\’t remove the porno from my space.  Yikes, I didn\’t know what they were talking about, but because I couldn\’t access it there was nothing I could do, except continue to plead with them.  Finally they opened my space and gave me 110 hours to remove the offending photos.  It was a painting by Botticelli of the Goddess Aurora!  No accounting for some peoples opinions.  I really have to commend you on all the hard work plus creating this wonderful blog.  You rock!
    Blessed be

  2. Deborah says:

    Is the weather keeping you outdoors in the garden?  I am so envious.  I sit in an overly air-conditioned office all day freezing.  Then at the end of the day I walk out and nearly suffer heat stroke.  Silly my employer keeps it so cold.  Did you make it over for Pride.  I was going to head up for the parade but it got just to hot that weekend, so I stayed home and suffered in silence with the fan and a washcloth.  Sheesh, I am never satisfied.  Anyway, off to Taco Tuesday at the Rose.
    Blessed be

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