The Rush that Summer brings!

08-06-08 Rainbow over the mountain 012 A lot can happen in a short period of time.  Just looking back mere weeks ago, I could not fully imagine how smoothly ranch developments are progressing. 

There are numerous balls in the air right now and yet, we are only ramping up.  Certainly, it is an exciting time for all of us here at Paca Pride. 

As if to gently remind us, the sun often sets leaving a rainbow in the sky over this valley.  From Mt. Pilchuck across the river, to Green Mountain behind us, I’ve seen a number of full rainbows.  Even double rainbows have appeared.   Perhaps there is truth to the sacredness of this majestic area.

08-06-08 Visiting some Fiber alpacas on Whidbey 010 Earlier this month, Glenn and I took a little trip over to Whidbey Island to see some alpacas.  We were given the opportunity to procure some free fiber quality boys, perhaps some potential breeding sires. 

There were two handsome fawn colored brothers, plus 08-18-08 Introduction of new alpacas 012another white one.  Then we found a black one with a white blaze on his head; from the breeding perspective that’s "throwing a little color".

They arrived at the ranch yesterday ahead of the two brown younglings that would get here. 


08-18-08 Arrival of new alpacas 009Before the youngsters had a chance to join the herd with the big boys, some herd social dynamics were about to be tested.  The four boys were placed in the pasture next to the barn.  Afterwards, I brought up our herd of nine to greet them.  It’s always good to have a fence between groups of Camelids meeting for the first time.  This allows them to get familiar with the sights and smells, so to speak, before any real fireworks begin.  Most often, any challenges are going to come from the dominant animals in the herd.  In our case, you would think that its the llamas who would step up since they are bigger.  In fact, it’s the alpacas who had to sort themselves out with each other.  Beno had it out for one of the new guys and lots of screaming and chasing commenced.  However, soon things settled down as hierarchies became clearer.  Still, I expect to see plenty of action over the next month as the boys figure out who is boss among them.  I’ll wait a few days before allowing the youngsters in with the big boys.  Hopefully by then things will have settled down enough and the sight of them familiar enough that the 08-14-08 Deer on Front Lawn 003rest of the herd won’t bat an eyelash.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, there were plenty of other critters lurking around!  We’ve got a few regular deer that make the rounds through the front yard enjoying the free clover.  One mama doe and her two white spotted babies nonchalantly graze amongst the grasses.

08-15-08 arrival of BooBoo 005

Inside the house, a surprising mouse led unswervingly quick to the addition of our new 10 week old kitty BooBoo! Awww!

She is the most loveable kitty with her gold and white flecks of fur in here black coat.  Already she shows signs of a good mouser.

08-15-08 arrival of BooBoo 008

But of course, it’s the dogs that have the most to learn as they are faced with their second small animal inside the house (the first being our old little blind ferret).  Shadow is doing great, and it seems Maximo, the pup who always wants to play, is also calming down realizing that the kitty appreciates not having big wet noses stuck in her face.  Maximo has learned to tread lightly and treat her nicely.  We are almost to the point where she can sleep with him…almost.

08-18-08 Introduction of new alpacas 042 Look really closely in the picture at the left for another critter recently come a knocking.  Two giant red headed woodpeckers have been working their way through some dead and diseased hemlock trees just beyond one of our fence boundaries.  They’ve ripped out quite a lot that we’ve got to now go cut them down.  Woodpeckers are really good at finding those termite infestations.  Any trees like this have to be taken down so that others around them don’t get diseased as well.  Three nearby trees show rings of woodpecker holes all around and up their trunks.  We’ll be watching those during this winter.

08-17-08 Rezone signs posted 001 And, finally, it’s official!  Our rezone and conditional use permit signage from the county announcing the proposed land use action has been posted!

The public has by September 10th to respond.  Afterwards the county will have a hearing to review the project and we’ll be able to move forward with the campground plans.  Letters to the county of support are most welcome!  You can email me for the necessary information.

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Making manifest the change I want to see in the world through the hospitality of a humble little homestead campground with yurts and alpacas.
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