Summer bids adieu and Fall blusters in

09-16-08 Log posts in ground for lean-to 001

Before the ground turns soft from the rainy days as we go into our wet season, I thought I’d sink those Log posts in the ground for the future lean-to in the lower pasture area.  Now I’ll wait for a nice Fall day to do some chainsaw-milling and attach some siding; then a roof!

09-16-08 alpacas and dogs 007 It seems like all the llamas know that Fall is being ushered in.  They are slowly shifting their diet towards more orchard grass and less pasture grazing.  All the pastures will get a day here or there where the herd will visit, but for the most part the pastures need to recover and get some good growth in before09-16-08 alpacas and dogs 010 it goes into its winter dormancy.

Still, we’ll let the animals have their run of the gravel service road.  It helps to keep their nails trim and gives them a chance to stretch their legs.  For these little brown guys, this will be their first winter here at the ranch!


09-30-08 Orchard Grass Delivery 4 tons 003

Oh and speaking about that Orchard Grass hay, we had our local supplier stack up 4 tons of hay, that’s 80 bales!  In the picture you can see how efficient these guys were.  They stacked 3 bales to support this neat electronic bale elevator from the back of the delivery truck to the inside of the barn.  He’s only halfway through the stacking; will reach seven bales high when he is done.

09-20-08 at moms 002Fall also means I’m more apt to do some baking with a hot oven!  These homemade cinnamon rolls barely had a chance before half of them were demolished. I made these while visiting my mom in California.  They were such a success I might just have to make them for guests at the ranch….mmmmm…

10-03-08 Harvesting 001

The garden goes through a huge transformation as the summer veggies give way to their final harvests.  We clear a number of beds and plant some garlic bulbs.  Then load after load of magic llama-poo compost is added to the tops of the beds.  I’m thinking I might do a cover crop too.

10-03-08 Harvesting 002 Most of the tomatoes hang upside while still on the vine. I use this approach and they will ripen all the way through December. 




10-03-08 Harvesting 004

So far we’re on our second batch of brining dill pickles and I’ve already brought in three pumpkins.  It is hard to believe all these started from seed this year!




10-03-08 Harvesting 009

The tomatoes that are already turning and have come off the vine, are set in flats with some apples to speed up their ripening. 10-05-08 Making Tomato sauce 001 As I write this, they’ve all been turned into a boiling pot of tomato sauce for canning.  This is our winter marinara! Yum!   10-05-08 First Fall celery 001

Fall has a great effect on green veggies as long as we can protect them from the frost.  That means cold frames come back into play.  The celery has been small all summer, but with a bunch of compost added to them, and the rainy days tossed in, they’ve begin to really burst.  I picked a small one and even this one is two feet tall.  The fresh celery aroma is so crisp!


10-04-08 Harvesting 001

Jalapenos, which really performed well, and the last of the zucchinis, which had a poor showing this season, add to the end of season bounty.  I’ll jar the jalapenos and we’ll use them in many future recipes and Mexican-style dishes.

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Making manifest the change I want to see in the world through the hospitality of a humble little homestead campground with yurts and alpacas.
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2 Responses to Summer bids adieu and Fall blusters in

  1. Kuskulana says:

    You always have such a productive update, and now such bounty from the gardens!
    I always enjoy your update of life on your ranch, and hey, I look forward to staying in one of your Yerts and eating a cinamon roll (or two) along with the fresh vegies. And and of course I want to pet all the lovely animals too!

  2. 小西 says:


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