Curve-Ball Christmas!

12-25-08 The Holiday Tree 001 That’s what we’re calling this holiday season.

You’ve no doubt heard of Snowpocalypse in the Pacific Northwest, or more specifically, the foot of snow that fell in the urban centers of the Seattle area.  It brought the city to a grinding halt during the past ten days or so.  The city has no plows and didn’t want to salt or sand their roads or hills.  Buses piled up, mass transit, simply wasn’t there.

Well, it’s been equally crazy up in the mountains.  We’ve never seen a December like the one we’ve just experienced. Despite the great level of accessibility 12-25-08 Holiday poses by the pets 001provided by the regular county snow plow trucks that plow and sand the Mountain Loop corridor, we had a huge dumping of snow the likes of which took everyone off their guard.   At our peak, we reached three and a half feet here at the ranch before the official start of winter.  Lucky for us, our tractor kept the driveways all clear during the worst of it.  But as luck would have it, power outages were frequent, even if they were lasting only several hours (kudos to our PUD line workers!)

12-24-08 How winter is looking 014 Needless to say, all our planning for festive holiday events went up in smoke.  Our white elephant party? How about a blizzard warning instead.  Our Christmas with family visiting from North Dakota?  How about all the trains canceled.  Our goodies shipping via UPS?  All stored in a semi-truck until the weather clears so they can deliver them…not in time for Christmas.  But it didn’t stop there for us.  12-24-08 How winter is looking 020 The clutch went out in the car and  brought us down one vehicle for the commuters to work.  Then, just yesterday, as the snow fell off everything from the thawing temps, the unexpected occurred down at our large yurt, the dome cracked in half!  Yup, the weight of the wet snow caused the dome to break and when the snow fell off, it took the dome with it.  So, with quick coordination, I’m off to the manufacturer tomorrow to pick up a replacement which we’ll promptly be installing on New Year’s Day.  Happy New Year! 

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Making manifest the change I want to see in the world through the hospitality of a humble little homestead campground with yurts and alpacas.
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1 Response to Curve-Ball Christmas!

  1. Deborah says:

    Happy New Year guys, and believe it or not, I actually was wondering about the conditions up there when a friend I went to the Seattle Men\’s Chorus concert last year called to say she couldn\’t make it this year because of the snow. Yep, lot\’s of things were canceled around here, and as I mentioned in my blog, Christmas didn\’t happen at our place in Leschi until Saturday. It was beautiful here and the first white Christmas in Seattle in 147 years they say. Sis and I found a great house on Beacon and are moving there this month. There is a great view of the Columbia Tower from our dining room. Stay warm if you can. Spring will eventually return.Blessed be

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