One Slash Twenty Two

I looked at the date today and realized just how captivated I’ve been with all the current events happening that most of the month of January has already passed me by!  I’m personally fascinated by the number 22, so took a special note that it is today’s date.  As a matter of fact, 11 and 22 have been turning up as good luck charms in a variety of different arenas for me these past several years.  So curious about symbolism contained in numerology, I started taking note that maybe the frequency of appearance contained some cosmic significance.  01-08-08 Alpacas for auction in Vegas 004

Recently, I put this to test at no better place than in Las Vegas. Tim and I attended an alpaca auction down there.  We were very curious about another alpaca fiber cooperative we’ve been considering and it happened that they were presenting a seminar during this event.  So that got us on board to head down there (well, and the free rooms too!)  The auction was incredibly eye-opening in terms of how the poor economy is affecting every sector.  This sector being livestock (there’s a reason they call it "Live" "Stock", as it is an investment).  Of the 81 lots for auction, we fully expected that the going rate would hover around the $25-$35,000 mark for the pregnant females.  However, mush to the dismay of the auction planners, 46 of those lots went for $10-$11,000.  Those purchasers got some 01-08-08 Alpacas for auction in Vegas 008really great deals! But we did hear rumor that some ended up as "no-sale"  because the deal was too good for the seller.  So when your financial planner tells you to buy when the market is down, they mean it! 

Well as we sat there recording the sale prices, of course I took special note of all the elevens I was writing down.  This number is really making itself know to me.  Off I go to the Roulette Wheel!  That’s my game of choice, because it is complete luck of the wheel, but if you hedge your bets, you can stay on the lose-small/win-big side.  Needless to say, I hit eleven several times during our trip, with a few twenty-two’s thrown in there.  The highlight was hitting an eleven, cashing out at that table, going to the cashier to trade my chips in, and then passing the table on the way back seeing that no one had played since I left, deciding "what-01-08-08 Alpacas for auction in Vegas 003 the-heck", plunk down money on the eleven again (that was the last number to come up), and seeing the eleven come up once more…remarkable!  I’m on a roll!  Let’s hope we’re this lucky as we proceed through the rezone with the county.

Speaking of the rezone and permit process.  Dare I say, we’re halfway through it?  The county has had there review of our application, made their comments, we’ve made our changes, and they are resubmitted back to the county.  The next logical step is to watch for a Hearing Examiner’s date to be set.  I’m keeping my hopes high that we can open this season with some level of service to the public.

In the meantime, I twiddle my thumbs a bit because 01-22-08 Red Oakleaf lettuce head grown under lights 003there is not much work to be done outside during the winter season, but also because I’m reluctant to start any new projects (which usually means spending money) until we are sure about the expenses associated with the rezone and the conditions we’ll have to meet.  Some small projects still proceed forward:

–  We’ve reconfigured the laundry room with new  shelving and stacked washer/dryer units gaining us more useful space as a mud room

01-22-08 Mushrooms from our grow kits 002– We’re growing white button mushrooms, and shitake mushrooms, in some kits we got for Christmas presents.

– My winter garden, under artificial lights, has seen some beautiful heads of "Red Oakleaf" butter lettuce. That’s been a surprising winter treat to harvest! (the picture above is 1 head of lettuce!)

-Our seed order has been placed for this year’s garden with plans to add more garden beds, and focus on a much better solution to irrigation. 

Be sure to check out the photo album and video clips to the right for more pictures from this recent period!

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Making manifest the change I want to see in the world through the hospitality of a humble little homestead campground with yurts and alpacas.
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