Summer sizzle time at the guest ranch…

07-27-09 Pool 2009 004Phew!  It’s hot out!  Are you hot yet? ‘Cause we’re hot outside and it seems that others think so too as the escapees from the city head to the mountains and the cool river waters to do some inner-tubing.  That’s right, if you stop off in Granite Falls you can pick up a river-floating inner tube at our local “Just Tires” store and head for a river.  Most of the rivers are at their lowest points right now while the temps are at the highest points and that makes for a gentle adventure down the river a lot of fun.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, we’re watching our pennies and dimes very closely.  We’re still going through our permit process with Snohomish county and are and are eagerly anticipating our Hearing Examiners date arriving.   Once we are officially permitted, we can fling open our doors, er, tent-flaps, to campers!  But that doesn’t mean we have to suffer in this heat!  It was a welcome surprise when our own Glenn brought home a small inflatable kiddy pool to dip our toes in!  It didn’t take too long for the cold well water we filled it with to become tepid bath water, ahhhhh, let the relaxing begin. 

Our garden grows and grows and we are watching our tomato plants plump up with lots of green gems. 

Perhaps these sunny and hot days will see some red color start to entice some plucking.

07-25-09 Thunderstorms in the mountains 00307-25-09 Thunderstorms in the mountains 002 

Lots of veggies have already been harvested and the pickle jar is started for this season.  In a couple more weeks we’ll have some freshly  brined hot-spicy dills to crunch on.07-23-09 Pickle and kimchi jars started 002 Yum!

 07-25-09 Thunderstorms in the mountains 008

But even though this is full-tilt summertime, we still remain humbled and surprised at the variety of weather that occurs.  Thunderstorms and lightening, a rare occurrence in this part, were the main attraction over this past weekend. Even rarer is when you can stand out in the rain and not feel chilled.  That’s what this past weekend was like at times.  The humidity would climb up a notch and a grumble could be heard.  Then some pitter-patter on the metal roof of the barn announced the arrival of a brief little squall.  The ground was quenched of its thirst and all the greenery stored up the moisture right quickly! 


07-22-09 Mt Pilchuck view of snow almost gone 001

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Making manifest the change I want to see in the world through the hospitality of a humble little homestead campground with yurts and alpacas.
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2 Responses to Summer sizzle time at the guest ranch…

  1. Kuskulana says:

    I sure miss inner tubing, did it alot in Idaho as a kid.We actually had a hot (but short) summer here.Good to see you guys are hanging in there, I really aim to come down there for a visit one of these days.Save me a yert would ya?

  2. Deborah says:

    It was a perfect summer for spending time in the river with the tubes. I have recently moved to Skyway, leaving my sister for a bit of freedom, and I have to say, perhaps now I will get up there to see you guys. Your montage of summer abundance is awesome. Love it David. Stay in touch, haven\’t seen you by my space in a bit.Blessed Be

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