More Press for Paca Pride Guest Ranch

For the residents of this hidden valley tucked along the Mountain Loop Highway, the month of May sees an uptick in the amount of tourism and outdoor recreational traffic that reminds them all that, indeed, The Robe Valley, has always held a deep seated attraction for those seeking to reconnect with the natural beauty around them.  So, as the season progressively warms up, and tourists venture out, our local Snohomish County Tourism Bureau revs up their publicity engine.

Recently, the newest edition of “Storyline”, a report that gets sent out to all those media relations, travel writing type folks, was issued and it focused on the wonderful outdoor opportunities in abundance along this National Scenic Byway.  What a pleasure it was for us to see the attention our homestead campground received in this!

Take a look and enjoy the read:

“Adventures along the Cascade Loop”

The Robe Valley is fortunate to have a very progressive and inspiring community living here.  This is embodied in the great all-volunteer Fire Department that supports all the campgrounds during the peak summer season.  Always in need of more volunteers, the Robe Valley Fire Department are our neighbors who will, at the marshalling of the foghorn department siren that can be heard up and down the valley, come running to aid those in need.  Paca Pride Guest Ranch recently made a special trip to their annual “Fuchsia Fundraiser” to deliver a financial donation to help support this vital civil service of ours.  As I posed with the Fire Chief on May Day, we joked that I was just returning the money most of them have already spent buying eggs from us!

05-01-10 Robe Valley Fire Fuscia Fundraiser 001

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Making manifest the change I want to see in the world through the hospitality of a humble little homestead campground with yurts and alpacas.
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