Now entering the Marketing Phase!

06-13-10 Sunset on Mt Pilchuck 003 Market! Market! Market!  For all our fans follow us these past few years; watching our guest ranch project evolve and take on a life of its own, you know we’ve been waiting for the moment where we can say our official “Hello World!” 

Well, today we got a big boost towards that right direction with our last minute appearance on the Mel Robbins Radio Show! Mel gives advice ranging from lifestyle to business coaching.  Sure thing, we are always looking for those who can take a peek inside our box and help us out with advice.  In the whirlwind radio conversation world, the chat went really fast.  Boy, I have no idea how I even sounded on radio! 🙂  But, we came away with some more great ideas for our marketing phase (which we feel thankful to be challenged with…finally!) Really, finally, we can focus our efforts on Marketing!  We have offerings! Come public! Relax, retreat, recharge with us in our beautiful pastoral setting in the mountains. Ahhhh!

Of course, marketing comes with its own set of conundrums.   Where do you spend your marketing dollars to get the most return?  How can we spend the least amount of monies in our reserves (what little there is left after having to survive two years of county permitting process!) yet hit the most of the demographic we are serving? 05-13-10 Tour around the ranch 002

Mel came out with some pretty sound advice, some of which validating what was on our list, some of which we quickly added to the top.  We’ll be jumping on the phone this week for an easy “quickie”: extending invitations for a free stay to travel writers and local reporters, not only to generate some goodwill and buzz, but hopefully to get some coverage on what we are doing out here in the mountains.  Can you think of anyone who needs a night’s stay in our guest yurt that fits this description?  Be sure to send us any leads you have via a quick email to . 

But let’s not stop at reporters and local travel writers… who else should we be inviting out to the Paca Pride Guest Ranch for a tour?  Got some ideas?  Send them to us!  If your idea pans out, there may be a free night’s stay for you in it!  Now is the time we need to rally our support base to help us get the good word out about Paca Pride.  So if you can recommend us to your friends, relatives, Senators and Representatives, and every school child that can beg their parents to come out and visit the alpacas…please recommend away! 

05-13-10 Tour around the ranch 059Our very first marketing step since finishing our county permitting is actually going to come about this next week… our road side sign!  For the past two years, we’ve had a small A-frame sign with a tagline, “Hiker’s need good socks…Discover Alpaca!” sitting at our mailbox.  It has trickled in the passerby traffic, but now we need something with more oomph!  Our Version 1.0 sign will be a 4’x6’ sign that announces Paca Pride Guest Ranch including: “Homestead Campground” “Group Events” “Alpaca Products” “Open to the Public” and our tagline “Base camp for your Mountain Loop experience!”

Would you like a sneak preview?  Check out our Facebook fanpage for Paca Pride Guest Ranch for a picture of our roadside sign design.  While you are there, hit the “Like” button and become a fan of Paca Pride.

Much more to come from us! Be sure to put us on your radar screen for a visit.  Local to the Seattle area?  Come out for a Sunday drive and take a free tour!

About David

Making manifest the change I want to see in the world through the hospitality of a humble little homestead campground with yurts and alpacas.
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