The Ebb and Flow of the Shoulder Season


10-24-10 Barnyard scene 009 Around the barnyard here at Paca Pride Guest Ranch, the herd is starting to settle into the winter routine already.  They’ve started into the winter hay and are out foraging on pasture less and less as the grasses slow down for the season.

They will hang out in the barn paddocks which will go fallow over the winter, thus being “sacrificed”, but come Spring when they the herd is removed from these areas, the rich compost will be planted. This next season we’ll try corn or even wheat. A concept called a “garden paddock”.

Paca Pride Guest Ranch, yurts, alpacas, barnyard
Alpacas and Chickens Even the chickens have a job to do, and it’s not just about egg production.  The flock will scratch at any poop piles and eat bugs along the way like mini-tractors rototilling the topsoil.  It will be a nice planting bed by March.
Our flock includes 17 new egg layers in addition to our original 11 birds. There is a demand for local fresh eggs that we are happy to provide to our neighbors and tourists along the Mountain Loop. Friendly chickens greeting my feet.
Mt. Pilchuck; Mountain Loop Hwy, Paca Pride Guest Ranch, Cascade Mountains, Granite Falls Mt. Pilchuck is the view we see from our front porch.  This photogenic mountain is our barometer for winter’s approach. Here at the end of October, it receives it’s first dusting of snow down to the tree line.  It won’t be long until that mountain turns completely white.
Plenty of tasks keep us occupied indoors during the winter. We have lots of alpaca fiber to hand spin into our rustic yarns for sale and for our knitters to knit into hats. Spinning wheel, alpaca
Roundhouse Yurt, Paca Pride, meeting, venue, event While the Autumn chill is definitely in the air these days, the sun is a welcome warm reminder of summer’s departure. Looking down toward the Roundhouse Yurt meeting venue, shadows of clouds drift across the pastures.

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Making manifest the change I want to see in the world through the hospitality of a humble little homestead campground with yurts and alpacas.
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