Paca Pride Guest Ranch becomes the Headquarters for the Mountain Loop Tourism Bureau

Mountain Loop Map-youarehere

“You Are Here” How often have you come upon a map and the first thing you reference is that famous little tagline that let’s you determine the course of your upcoming adventure? That sense of grounding, of showing your location and informing you of what’s possible is an important part of the tourist’s experience in an unfamiliar setting. 

For a long time, the Mountain Loop Highway, a national scenic byway, remained a hidden gem within Snohomish County, Washington.  It is the loop within the larger (and traditionally more promoted) Cascade Loop. To find your way to unlocking it’s secrets and exploring it’s attractions meant becoming an investigator doing some in depth research ahead of your trip.  Well, such will be the case no longer!

Paca Pride Guest Ranch is teaming up with About-The-Wow promotions (, to start a new non-profit organization to fill this gap. The Mountain Loop Tourism Bureau ( is officially established bringing a new level of service to the over 250,000 cars per year that travel this route!

Accommodations, businesses, services, attractions, trails, events, festivals, workshops,  Boom and Bust cave a little known roadside attractioncampgrounds, and much more will become readily accessible to the tourist adventurer.  Favorites like Big Four/Ice Caves or the Mt. Pilchuck Lookout trails will certainly be highlighted, but so will little known secrets like the “Boom or Bust” cave that most tourists just drive by without knowing is even there.  MLTB will become a source for hikers, campers, and general outdoor enthusiasts as well as helping connect visitors to the variety of accommodations to stay locally in the area. MLTB is forming partnerships within each of the gateway towns along the loop, Arlington, Darrington, and Granite Falls, to help establish Tourism Outposts assuring that no matter where you are on the Loop, tourism information is available.

Not without your help and support!  As you well know nothing happens without a lot of groundwork backing it up. So we look to you, the visitors, the regulars, the residents, the mountaineers, hikers, campers, skiers, geo-cache seekers, anyone who has some knowledge or experiences of the sights they’ve seen out here and wish to share.  Send us information on your favorite spots anywhere along the entire Mountain Loop which every visitor should consider and which MTLB should highlight. 

The Mountain Loop recreational area, which includes national forest, has a rich history rooted in the gold rush mining days of Monte Cristo.  Serving a continually growing number of tourists each year, the Mountain Loop Tourism Bureau is dedicated to promoting this region.  The MLTB is a non-profit organization and happily accepts your donations and assistance.  If you wish to help fund our efforts to educate, promote, and inform the consumers of the Mountain Loop, consider sending us a tax-deductible donation.  Contact us at for more information about donating or becoming more involved.

Oh, and if you are wondering where along the Mountain Loop Hwy you’d find Paca Pride, well, just look for the “You Are Here” on the map above. Smile Happy Trails!

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