Along the Mountain Loop Hwy, an hour outside of Seattle and a world away, is a guest ranch that is re-inventing the campground experience using yurts for glamping on an alpaca homestead. The views are stunning, Mt. Pilchuck, and Green Mtn tower around the ranch. The owners learned of yurts during their camping adventures in this area that sees an abundance of tourism, bringing their own up the road to become a nomadic summer cottage. Then it occurred to them that the hikers who frequent the famed trails needed a base camp for their Mountain Loop experience and thus the adventure to build a small business on 17 acres of previously logged land began in 2005. Outdoor enthusiasts descend upon this area outside Granite Falls at all times of the year, from locals to international travelers wanting to delve into the famed history of the gold rush Robe Valley and old ghost town of Monte Cristo.

Paca Pride Guest Ranch is for those hikers and campers who love the outdoors and are looking for a more accessible version of camping that allows them to explore this vast and scenic destination.  It’s why the owners travelled here, and its why over 250,000 cars per year make their way out as well.

At this Homestead Campground, we hope to bring a greater awareness of the environment, self-sufficency, good green practices, Permaculture, and the majestic Mountain Loop Highway, a national scenic byway that is known for its great camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, cross country skiing, and many outdoor attractions from the old ghost town of Monte Cristo and railroad tunnels, to ice caves and mountain lakes.

On our blog you can see the Paca Pride story unfold before you.  Go back to our earlier entries and you can watch the Lincoln Log home being built, stump piles being burned, and the land prepared for guests.

Be sure to check us out on Facebook for the latest events and special offers from our ranch store: www.facebook.com/PacaPride

Look for our videos on You Tube: www.youtube.com/dabudsta

Our website for information on booking a stay or contacting us: www.PacaPride.com

If you support what we are doing, please consider sending a donation to:

Paca Pride Guest Ranch, PO BOX 1949, Granite Falls, WA 98252

8 Responses to About

  1. Katie DuBois says:

    I would be interested in trying your ebb and flow fodder system. Do you have plans available? I’ve read your trials 1 & 2 and it looks like you are using different trays in the 2nd trial. Is this correct and if so where did you find them. I’ve got the barley seed and I’m ready to experiment but if you figured it out and are willing to share I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks, Katie

    • David says:

      You are correct Katie in that the first set of trials used seedling propagation trays, typical garden supply item. Our Phase 2 trials implemented the actual trays we’ll use for full-scale production. Take a look at the articles and comments for links to the actual trays. You can also find them at AMHYDRO.COM. Be sure to let them know you were refered to them by Paca Pride Guest Ranch. Our system is completely DIY, so you can design your own, based on these trays, to suit your space and needs. More information will be forthcoming on our blog after we move to our new fodder grow room in the barn.

      • Just wondering if you have plans available now?

      • David says:

        Since every DIY setup using our trays is different in size and scale, it is difficult to provide a set of plans. Instead, we work to provide a set of tenets and guidelines that each fodder producer can apply to their own setup. We are happy to assist you in figuring out how to plan for your particular fodder room. Just give us a call. See our website for contact info.

  2. Lisa says:

    Where do you buy your barley seed from? and What kind do you use? THANKS!

    • David says:

      Contact your local University Extension Agent for information on seed sources from farmers and Farmer’s Supply groups in your area. Lowest prices will be found from local farmers growing barley, but are typical packaged in pallet-sized bags, very heavy. Farmer’s Supply co-ops usually can bag in 50lb bags and can locate “field run” barley. This is barley that has not been cleaned for malting or milling. It contains bugs, chafe, and dirt, but are viable seed. No special variety required, except that the seed be viable seed. Our source in Western Washington is Skagit Valley Farmers Supply, but having them ship beyond the regional area is just added shipping expense that can drive the price up considerably.

  3. Betina says:

    I have some mats with mold on them. Is it safe to feed it to goats, rabbits or should I just give it to the chickens?

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