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Paca Pride Gets “Shear” Press Coverage!

The alpacas are all excited with the recent media coverage they received during shearing.  The hoards of crowds, and even a tour bus or two that arrived for viewing, enjoyed the pastoral scene with the vista views and the action … Continue reading

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Barley Fodder Sprouting Trials continued: New Flood and Drain Tray System Installed

To get a bit of background behind this project, read our previous blog entry entitled “From Seed to Feed”. In our Phase One Trials, we were performing a “proof of concept” with using barley grain seed and seedling propagation trays … Continue reading

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2012 Shearing Dates Announced!

We will be shearing our herd of alpacas over the course of 2 days this year starting Saturday, June 30th and Sunday July 1st. The general start time will be 10am and usually proceeds until around 5pm or until the … Continue reading

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From Seed to Feed in 8 days: Barley Fodder Sprouting Trials

This Spring we are exploring an alternative to how we are feeding our herd (and chickens too!) The idea comes from the notion of fresh sprouts as a “superfood”;  if eating sprouts are super healthy for humans, then wouldn’t that … Continue reading

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Tilth on a Gravel Pit

Its January, the middle of winter in the Pacific Northwest, and most people are not thinking about their garden or the task of gardening. But out here, in the mountains, our homestead is performing very important garden related activities that … Continue reading

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Evening Magazine visits the Mountain Loop Hwy and Paca Pride

Discovering the Mountain Loop Hwy on Evening Magazine Paca Pride Guest Ranch makes an appearance on TV! http://www.king5.com/on-tv/evening-magazine/Discovering-Washington-on-the-Mountain-Loop-Highwat-133699373.html

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‘05-‘11: A New Business Springs to life! See our Retrospective!

In 2005, 17 acres of previously logged property was purchased along the Mountain Loop Hwy outside of Granite Falls, WA to start a guest ranch.  Featuring yurts, campsites, a guest room, and a Roundhouse Yurt, Paca Pride Guest Ranch brings … Continue reading

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