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Evening Magazine visits the Mountain Loop Hwy and Paca Pride

Discovering the Mountain Loop Hwy on Evening Magazine Paca Pride Guest Ranch makes an appearance on TV! http://www.king5.com/on-tv/evening-magazine/Discovering-Washington-on-the-Mountain-Loop-Highwat-133699373.html

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Highlights of a Summer Yurt Camper

Ah, once again we find ourselves at the end of another summer here at Paca Pride Guest Ranch. Where has the time gone?  The dog days of summer seem to have come to us late in the season, yet already … Continue reading

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Paca Pride Progressing … the fight to stay alive!

The downturned economy means everyone is tightening their belts these days and Paca Pride is no exception.  It takes a lot to launch a small business in the world and turn it into something successful.  For many, that business could … Continue reading

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Return of the Robins! It must be Spring, hibernating hikers are eager too!

The tide of snow seems to be receding up the valley towards where it will perch upon the peaks of the mountain tops as the last defense upon an encroaching Spring feel in the air.  Spring in the mountains is … Continue reading

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Paca Pride Guest Ranch becomes the Headquarters for the Mountain Loop Tourism Bureau

“You Are Here” How often have you come upon a map and the first thing you reference is that famous little tagline that let’s you determine the course of your upcoming adventure? That sense of grounding, of showing your location … Continue reading

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Fall to Winter Transitions in the Cascades

While the East Coast typically enjoys the Fall change of colors, touting the many shades of red, yellow, and orange that dot the countryside, leading up to the stark browns of winter, those of us who live west of the … Continue reading

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Yurt + Autumn and Winter = More Adventures Outdoors

Picture this, the Mountain Loop Highway known for its scenic vistas and drives, hiking trails and campgrounds.  Many attractions abound, including ice caves, old railroad tunnels, alpine lakes, mountain meadows, old mining ghost town of Monte Cristo, waterfalls, canyons, caves, … Continue reading

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