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This Barn has a Secret!

  Inside this barn, there is a 12’x12’ room in a loft. A room about the size of a bedroom, really, but with 30 beds, grow beds! It’s a food production room, the likes of which, you will not see … Continue reading

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Fodder Production: Further tips for successful sprouting

Over the course of our sprouting experience, and with the rise in popularity of our true flood-and-drain style approach (installed in various scales over 115+ farms across the US!), we have learned quite a bit not only about how to … Continue reading

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Considerations On the Front End of Fodder: DIY or Buy

One of our favorite sayings when it comes to creating micro-greens for your livestock is: “There are many ways to skin the fodder cat!”  After researching the topic of fodder production, one quickly comes across a variety of commercial turnkey … Continue reading

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Barley Fodder Videos! Including our Fodder Room Walkthrough, (and bonus cute stuff too!)

Our earlier trials of the flood and drain trays The most important part of our “Proof of Concept” Phase! A nice long look at them several months into the morning fodder feeding ritual. A look at our Barley Fodder Room … Continue reading

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Barley Fodder Sprouting Trials continued: New Flood and Drain Tray System Installed

To get a bit of background behind this project, read our previous blog entry entitled “From Seed to Feed”. In our Phase One Trials, we were performing a “proof of concept” with using barley grain seed and seedling propagation trays … Continue reading

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From Seed to Feed in 8 days: Barley Fodder Sprouting Trials

This Spring we are exploring an alternative to how we are feeding our herd (and chickens too!) The idea comes from the notion of fresh sprouts as a “superfood”;  if eating sprouts are super healthy for humans, then wouldn’t that … Continue reading

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