Playing Blog Catch Up!

Boy, my cup runneth over…My plate fulleth…whew…my spoon is forketh, my hyperbole is mammoth…hey now! Well, you get the idea.  My punchlist has been on overdrive since my last blog entry!  Oh, my poor tootsies are tired from all the walking on this rough terrain, climbing ladders, painting and staining!  There is a lot going on right now both up at the house, and out in the pastures! Oh boy!

Well let’s see, I’m going to page through my Digital library of pictures and videos and see what I can catch you up on.   Let’s start with the barn. Cat acclimation is in progress.  Our rescued barn kitties are starting to warm up to the notion that I’m the hand that feeds them.  Still, there is a hisser, and the mama cat just stays hidden.  Caged cats are dirty, messy cats though.  During this time I have to change the litter everyday and even then one or two poops still end up on the cage floor stinking up the barn. Blah!  We added another cage to the mix, this one with a new resident, our ferret, "Little Girl" joins the barn family.    

This is also the time to start buying fixtures of all sorts.  Glenn and I did a mega-run to Lowe’s for our lighting.  the staff was great and we managed to buy every, "version 1.0" budget-conscious, fixture for the house. The amazing trick was fitting it all in the CRV.  The staff boy had an incredulous look on his face, like, "yeah right, mister you ain’t gonna fit it all in."  But, we did and Shadow had to sit on Glenn’s lap on the way home. 

Then midweek we had a surprise snow storm leaving us with one and a half feet of snow.  No joking, it was a serious contendor for the most snow spot in the books for this year.  The llamas were like, "Old hat! We can handle this stuff now! Stellar had to get more llama kisses from Shadow when we went to free a path for them.

Of course, that meant the next day the crew couldn’t get to the land due to the icy snow covered roads.  Hmm, they never seem to be a problem for me… That’s ok, we had a head start on priming and painting.  Tim joined me up at the ranch on Thursday and Friday where we focused on painting the front half of the house: store, grand room, guest bedroom.  Then the shift changed for Saturday when Glenn came up and he and I painted the back half of the first floor.  Later on, we’ll paint with color, but for now the white walls present a nice clean slate for us to imagine what would look best.

Sunday, Glenn and I tasked ourselves with another mega-run.  This one to Home Depot where we proceeded to purchase more primer and paint, all our toilets, laminate countertops, bathroom sinks, faucets, kitchen sink, laundry sink, wetbar sink, shower fixtures, plumbing, plumbing, and more plumbing.   This time, there was no stuffing it all into the CRV as we are having it all delivered this coming Wednesday right to the barn.

Then the fireworks started on Sunday afternoon.  Upon our return to the land, we rang our neighbors, Jack and Gayle, to come over and watch the Top Llama prize fight.  Uber, the new guy, was definitely going to be causing a ruckus as he challenged Stellar and Knight the current leaders of the pack.  I think everyone was a little taken aback at just how serious this fighting can be.  Uber cut himself under the eye and manages to pull chunks of fiber from Stellar’s backside as he gives chase.  Lots of screeching, spitting, clucking, clicking, and even raspberries being exchanged.  I really hope they all settle into a pecking order soon,  this stuff is really stressful for a herd.

Monday smacked me left and right with issues as I put on my project management hat and solidified orders for our doors, flooring delivery, and cabinetry.  I’ve got to keep the momentum going on this project.  Right now the flame is burning bright under the septic system as we try to rally evertyhing needed to install it.   But I was able to break away at one point from all the hustle and bustle of the crew and the screaming of the llamas when I noticed that my friendly deer was back.  I trotted down to meet her at the end of the pasture and she just waited for me, then came up close.  It is very strange to see a deer so accustomed to people.

Now here I am Monday evening.  The snow is already gone, melted away.  The ground is muddy, of course, a given for a construction site. Tomorrow, Tuesday, the electrician and plumber are both scheduled to make an appearance to do their finish out.  I think I might even see our contractor too.  So, another busy day ahead.  The house is definitely in the endgame.

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