Yurt + Autumn and Winter = More Adventures Outdoors

Yurt, Paca Pride Guest Ranch, Mountain Loop, hiking, camping, outdoor recreationPicture this, the Mountain Loop Highway known for its scenic vistas and drives, hiking trails and campgrounds.  Many attractions abound, including ice caves, old railroad tunnels, alpine lakes, mountain meadows, old mining ghost town of Monte Cristo, waterfalls, canyons, caves, and much more. Summer season sees such an abundance of tourism flocking to this area that all the campgrounds are typically full and reserved well ahead of time. The traffic tends to slow towards the end of September as the kids return to school and the weather gets chancy.Yurt, Paca Pride Guest Ranch, Mountain Loop That, however, leaves the masses amiss to what can be some of the most truly spectacular scenes of the year during Autumn and Winter. 

Both September and October can toss in daytime temperatures that don’t make it uncommon to see hikers stopping in still wearing shorts and tank tops, but the option to stake out a campsite with a tent becomes a gamble as the nighttime temps start to cool off.  This is where an ancient structure, a yurt, given some modern touches, can fill the gap. Yurts allow Yurt, Paca Pride Guest Ranch, Mountain Loopyou the experience of what its like to stay in a tent without sacrificing comfort.  These structures may look unassuming on the outside, but given the circular shape, they offer plenty of floor space; more than any pitched tent! Yurts are known for the definitive conical shaped roof, usually with a dome on top of the modern day manufactured ones. This lends an efficiency gain that allows it to be heated quickly and be kept warm without wasting energy. With reflective insulation, like NASA uses, the yurt becomes, well, like a space capsule, staying warm even with snow outside the door.

large yurt, Roundhouse, lodging, Yurt, Paca Pride Guest Ranch, Mountain LoopSo don’t feel like you have to give up on the outdoors for the year quite yet.  Paca Pride Guest Ranch is here to rescue you with a completely furnished guest yurt that will inspire even a non-camper to stay. With a view of Mt. Pilchuck, Paca Pride brings a modern, and more accessible, rustic experience to the Cascade Mountains.

We also feature our large Roundhouse Yurt which is perfect for meetings, events, yoga retreats, family reunions, sleepovers…Yurt, Paca Pride Guest Ranch, Mountain Loopwhatever getaway you can dream up! If you ever wanted to find that off-site location for the day, perfect to inspire and focus your work group or team for writing a plan, a budget, or even just building bonds, the Roundhouse is the space to do it in!

We fell so in love with this national scenic byway, that we decided to escape corporate culture and head for the hills, taking the public with us!  We established our foothold in the historic gold rush Robe Valley in 2005 with the purchase of 17 acres of raw, logged land.  As a matter of fact, the first structure on the land was our yurt we used for camping! After building the main Yurt, Paca Pride Guest Ranch, Mountain Loop, meeting facilitylog building, adding the barn, establishing pastures, and surviving the permitting process with our county, we officially opened our doors in 2010.  

Our goal here at Paca Pride is to be your basic camp for a Mountain Loop experience you can enjoy.  At the same time we are also a working alpaca farm where you’ll be able to see some truly remarkable animals and learn about the amazing properties of their fiber.  This is a homestead in action, establishing a “Permaculture” along the way. We look forward to giving you a personal tour.

Yurt, Paca Pride Guest Ranch, Mountain Loop

About David

Making manifest the change I want to see in the world through the hospitality of a humble little homestead campground with yurts and alpacas.
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